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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should we consider NEMW?
A: NEMW considers each pump station based on the operating conditions and the expected results. Each installation can have a different set of circumstances that can affect the pump selection, the controller needed and the way the station is configured.

Q: That sounds very technical. All we need is to water the grass, plants and trees for our HOA.
A: You’re right, it does sound technical and can be depending on what is expected and needed. We look at a pump station as being an investment. Whether for a county roadway, school, industrial park, sports field or homeowners association. We feel the money invested for a pump station needs to be spent wisely. With a NEMW VFD pump station you are able to get a measured payback on the equipment cost and to help protect your investment in the grass, plants and trees. The measured payback is a savings in energy cost (up to 50%), extended equipment life (pumps and motors)due to not having to run full throttle all the time, less maintenance cost and less stress on the irrigation system itself. A lot of money can be spent on an irrigation system, the grass, plants and trees. We offer a way to protect that investment.

Q: OK, you’ve addressed energy savings but what about water use? Can you help us save water or at least do a better job with water conservation?
A: Yes we can. Irrigation industry professionals have told us that the primary cause of poor performance in an irrigation system is improper pressure. The heart of an irrigation system is the pump station. If you have a pump station delivering less pressure than needed you’ll have areas not getting enough water. Users will tend to irrigate longer trying to get water to those affected areas. If your pump station is delivering more pressure than needed you’ll be over watering. In both cases more water is being used than needed. Our VFD pump stations offer multiple pressure settings to address the fluctuating pressures needed for different areas being irrigated. We are able to fine tune a system to give the precise pressure needed. Thus water conservation starts at the pump station.

Q: We’re looking at central control for all our parks. What do you have to offer?
A: Central Control is an important topic that we’re seeing more people want and need, with a wider selection of products to chose from. We have been offering this since 2004. We suggest you do the research needed to find the central control, water management, water reporting and remote control that fits your needs and budget. We offer a simple means of interfacing with the equipment you choose. This way you can select the product you want with the confidence our pump station will be able to work with that product or system. You don’t have to be locked into and paying for a service that was chosen for you. We want to give you the flexibility to choose what’s right for your situation, needs and budget.

Q: How big is NEMW and can you service and support our projects?
A: Yes, we can service and support your projects. One of our HOA customers has 48 pump stations. We have large municipal customers who want to use more of our pump stations due to savings tax payer dollars, conserving water, and reducing their maintenance costs. NEMW has been in business for 20 years and manufacturing pump stations for twelve years. Service and support are two things that set us apart from other manufacturers. One of the owners has an extensive background in the irrigation industry so we know what is needed and expected. We’re a small company delivering large results. Being small gives us the flexibility to respond quickly to situations that suddenly arise. Since the controls are electronic we are able to handle most service calls over the phone and get you up and running without having to wait for a service call to be scheduled and worked in.

If you have other questions concerning an irrigation pump station give us a call or E-mail us with your questions. We’ll be glad to help you in any way possible.

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